Good Will Follow You

“Do good and good will follow you.”- Author Unknown

Some of you know that I pledged to do 20 acts of kindness in the 20 days leading up to Tyler’s birthday. I’ve been especially busy doing acts of kindness this week as his 25th birthday is Saturday.

The tables were turned today as I received an act of kindness, to my unexpected surprise.

I stopped into our local Scratch Cupcakery over lunch to place a custom order, and a man walked in just behind me. I told the employee he could go ahead of me since I had a special order and didn’t want to make him have to wait. He was ordering a dozen cupcakes and asked which one I would recommend, so I named one, and he then proceeded to tell the employee that particular one would be for me out of the dozen he was ordering. He then turned to me and said it was because he appreciated my kindness in letting him order first.

I was very surprised, and appreciative of course. In doing my acts of kindness, I never, ever expect anything back in return, but sometimes, as displayed today, something nice does come back to me. I honestly love moments like this, and they make all the hard work of running Make Life Swyter so worth it!

It’s truly amazing how one simple gesture can brighten someone else’s day! This also proves how if you do good for others, good will come back to you!

I just wanted to share this quick story with the hope of inspiring others to do the same.

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